Forces are on the move to rekindle ancient enmities and settle old grudges, hurtling the realms and peoples of the Iron Kingdoms into an immense world-changing conflict. From simmering hostilities to the boiling point of all out war, this campaign has true consequences for both victory and defeat.

It begins in 604 AR. with the great northern kingdom of Khador and it’s winter invasion of the country of Llael. As Khador advances, the struggling forces of Llael call upon their close allies for help. To the south, a true menite prophet named the Harbringer of Menoth, calls upon the Protectorate’s legions to prepare for a great crusade to restore the glory of the One Faith. Meanwhile, Cryxian forces stalk the Kingdoms under cover of darkness, seeking horrific new weapons and a foothold on the mainland. Caught between the hammer and the anvil, Cygnar, the Jewel of the Iron Kingdoms, girds itself for a desperate fight to keep a hold on it’s very existence.


Kings, nations and gods

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