Victory points and survival points

Victory Points

Victory points are used in various ways throughout the campaign. Each scenario details te specific use of victory points. In some scenarios the number of victory points determines teh winner while in others it determines the reward.

A player receives a number of victory points after a battle equal to the cost of his models that have survived the battle and are not out of play. A warjack has survived if it is not inert, disabled or wrecked.

Players need to track their victory points throughout the act II of each season. Victory points break ties when determining which player moves on to Act III of a season.

Survival Points

Survival points represent the player’s surviving forces from Act II that can be deployed in Act III.
After Act II the players that participate in Act III add together all victory points gathered in the act II scenarios. This total is then divided by 3 (rounded down). This is the player’s Survival point total Each players can deploy an additional number of points in the act III scenario equal to this number.

For example: player 1 has played 3 games and had 10, 7 and 5 victory points. Adding these together he gets 22. Divided by 3 and rounded down, this gives him 7 survival points. During the Act III scenario he can now deploy an additional 7 points.

You can keep track of your points using the campaign record sheet

Victory points and survival points

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