Kings, nations and gods

Battle for Riversmet Battlereport

The skies were clear on the 2nd of Donath. It had snowed the week before and the landscape surrounding the town of Riversmet was white and untouched.

On the east side of the Black river, just north of the two largest bridges Kommander Zoktavir led his battlegroup of heavy warjacks with the intent of securing the passageway further in to Llael. To the south captain Kara Sloan advanced quickly to make sure that didn’t happen.

Unknown to these two commanders a fleet of steam powered vessels made their way south carrying supplies for the troops of the Protectorate of Menoth. To draw the attention away from these ships, Intercessor Kreoss was advancing on the west side of the Black River.

Mortenebra however had no intention of letting the Protectorate forces reach the east bank unscathed. She was eager to test her enemies and see if the strength of her forces was enough to deal with any and all of these three enemies.

The forces of Khador immediatly advcanced on the Cygnar army that tried to find a strategic position near the southern bridge.

meanwhile the forces of Mortenebra and Kreoss prepared to meet in battle.


As the cygnar army readied themselves to take the brunt of khador’s first attack wave, captain Sloan noticed that the Protectorate’s general was undefended and took him out with a few well-aimed shots.


The Protectorate army, now suddenly without a leader, immediatly retreated from the battlefield. Giving Mortenebra enough time to steadily advance towards her two remaining enemies.

The Khador forces then broke through the Cygnar lines and while Sloan tried to take down Mortenebra, the Butcher finished off her battlegroup.


The armies of Cryx and Khador then met head on the western side of the bridge and in the end Mortenebra’s desecrator managed to take down Kommander Zoktavir.

As the sun set on the now red field of snow near Riversmet, more Cryx forces arrived to secure the two bridges, allowing them to send raiding parties out throughout Llael.

Well of truth
Cryx vs. Protectorate of Menoth

After the devastating defeat at Riversmet Kreoss was sent to find an important artifact named the Well of truth. Unknown to him however, Master Necrotech Mortenebra had also been sent to retrieve the item.

As both forces advanced on the ruins of the old village that was supposed to house the well, the Protectorate’s exemplar errants started searching the ruins, soon joined by Cryx’s ghostly cavalry.



The battle progressed evenly for both sides as the cavalry and the errants fought and searched. Both armies prepared to bring their warjacks in to the melee when all of a sudden cryx forces found the well at the center of the old town.

The well was quickly returned to the safety of the Cryx’ main force while Kreoss was forced to retreat , not having the speed or the force to take the well from Mortenebra at that time.


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