Kommander Natalya Dvora


Focus 8

Spd 6, Str 5, Mat 3, Rat 6, Def 15, Arm 13, Cmd 9

Damage boxes:

Warjack points: 6

Special abilities:

-immunity to cold

-Talion: once per turn, when this model suffers damage from an enemy attack, it can spend 1 focus to transfer half damage to en enemy warjack in it’s control area, but must suffer the rest of the damage itself

-Snow-wreathed: this model always has concealment.

-Dark sentinel: once per turn, when an enemy model ends it’s movement within 5" of this model, a friendly faction warjack within 5" of this model can immediately make a full advance followed by a melle or ranged attack targetting the enemy model. The attack and damage of this attack are boosted.


-Oraculus: Range 8, RoF 1, AoE:- , Pow 8
(magic weapon, guided, spellbound)

Feat: cat and mouse

At the end of this turn, after all friendly models have ended their activations, one friendly model in her control area can make a full advance for each enemy model in her control area at that time. During this movement, the affected model cannot be targetted by free strikes. A model can only advance once thanks to cat and mouse.


-Psychic vampire
-Stone skin
-Banishing ward
-Wind rush


Kommander Natalya Dvora

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