Abathar the desert walker


Focus: 5

spd 5, str 7, Mat 6, Rat 4, Def 14, Arm 15, Cmd 8

18 damage boxes


Feat – Resurrection
His feat raises d3+3 friendly faction troopers back to life and allows you to place them anywhere in formation with their original unit and completely within 10" of Abathar.

Weapons and Attacks
Vision of Fire: Pow 7, P+S 14
Continuous Fire – Models hit by this weapon/attack suffer the continuous effect of Fire.
Magical Weapon – This weapon can damage incorporeal models.
Reach – This weapon has increased melee range.

Special Abilties
Warcaster – All warcasters come with a stack of standard special rules
Oath of Silence – This model loses the commander special rule.
Reclaim – This model gathers souls from friendlies killed in its CTRL area. During your next Maintenance phase, after focus replenishment but before focus allocation, each Soul Token is replaced with a Focus token. This can take you over your normal Focus limit.
Soulstorm – When this model has 1+ soul tokens, enemy models ending their activation or entering within 2" of it immediatly suffer 1 damage point.
Terror – Enemies in melee with this model must immediately pass a Command Check or flee.


Snipe: Target friendly model’s/unit’s ranged weapons gain +4 RNG.

Ritual Sacrifice: Remove target friendly warrior model from play. Skarre gains d6 additional focus points during your next Control Phase. Ritual Sacrifice can be cast only once per turn.

Occultation: Target friendly model/unit gains Stealth.

Sure Foot: Target friendly Faction model gains +2 DEF and cannot be knocked down. While within 3" of the affected model, friendly Faction models also gain +2 DEF and cannot be knocked down.


Abathar was a hustler and a rogue, a ruthless mercenary until he met the High Reclaimer on his way to the Gates of Urcaen. Together they faced the dangers of the stormlands for several days until the High Reclaimer went where he could not follow.

The experience changed Abathar however. It opened his mind to the voice and the law of Menoth. Without a single word the High Reclaimer had converted him.

Abathar wandered the deserts of the protectorate looking for the best way to serve the Creator of Man. Once he heard about the northern crusade, he immedialty joined it’s ranks, eager to bring the canon of the True Law to all those misguided souls, as he had once been.

Abathar the desert walker

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